Health Professional Health Fee

$52.50 Mandatory Health Fee

The mandatory health fee is charged to students enrolled on the Health Sciences Center campus, including: the Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Upper Level Dental Hygiene, Upper Division Nursing, APRN, Speech Pathology, Audiology and School of Public Health and Information.  It is designed to meet the special needs of students in the healthcare professions.

The Mandatory Health Fee IS NOT insurance.

It is a discount program to lower "out of pocket" expenses associated with care for certain services at Campus Health.

Your Major medical insurance will be billed for services. After your insurance carrier responds with payment, the mandatory health fee discount will be applied for specific charges.  All remaining balances are the student's responsibility.

Coverage includes:

  • Unlimited medical office visits
  • Gynecological exams (lab or x-rays are paid by patient or patient insurance)
  • Flu shots
  • Annual surveillance TB skin testing
  • Post-exposure evaluation and testing for Tuberculosis
  • Post-exposure evaluation, and testing for exposures to blood-borne pathogens such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C including prophylactic medications prescribed by the health service
  • Confidential access to a counselor based on the HSC Campus
  • Confidential psychiatric consultation

This fee does not provide hospitalization or coverage for tests and services other than those listed above. Students without major medical coverage should purchase the university sponsored medical insurance plan to be fully covered for any illness beyond the scope of this fee.

The mandatory health fee is not medical insurance and does not meet requirements for health insurance.