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Resiliency is in our name and we work to increase students’ use of protective strategies, so they make healthy choices when alcohol and other substances are present.  BRICC encourages students who choose to drink to do so in a less dangerous and less risky way, supports students who choose not to drink and students who are in recovery. 

Our programs are lively, interactive and provide informative resources to help build on your participants’ knowledge and move them from just “knowing” to taking action to implement the strategies.   All programs include measurable Student Learning Outcomes and evaluations.

When you request a program, you are responsible to securing room reservation, set-up, advertising, and attendance.

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Alcohol 101

An interactive 50-minute program focused on educating students about physical effects of alcohol use, BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration), recognizing standard drink size, identifying the signs of alcohol poisoning, raising awareness of Medical Amnesty and risk reduction strategies. The goal of this program is to encourage students to self-evaluate their use and encourage alcohol misuse prevention. This program is facilitated by a student Health Advocate Leader.


Alcohol Skills Training Program (ASTP)

ASTP is a 90-minute program which aims to educate students about alcohol use, while increasing their interest in critically examining their drinking patterns. Students will learn the psychology and biology of alcohol use and develop skills on how to count and pour standard drinks, properly measure alcohol consumption, find their personalized “limits”, and discuss how to use risk reduction strategies.  The goal is to teach students to recognize high-risk situations in order to minimize those potential risks recognizing that any steps taken toward reduction are steps in the right direction.  This program is facilitated by a trained staff member.



BRICC provides various interactive educational tabling events where attendees receive resources about substances, misuse, and harm reduction strategies.


Narcan Training

During this 40-minute program, participants will learn about current overdose statistics, KY Good Samaritan Law, and signs/symptoms of an opioid overdose. We will discuss how to respond to an overdose and how to administer Narcan.  Narcan will be available for those interested in obtaining a kit.