Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA)

BRICC Coalition provides funding, resources, and a staff advisor for Greeks Advocating Mature Management of Alcohol (GAMMA). GAMMA is a registered student organization on University of Louisville’s campus. In the fall, GAMMA members lead the Voice of Reason initiative.

Voice of Reason (VOR) Initiative

Voice of Reason is a strategy based on the social diffusion theory. VOR helps drinkers and nondrinkers make safer decisions when in social settings that involve alcohol.  Students named our initiative because they find when they are in situations where alcohol is present, it is helpful to have a “voice of reason” to help them make rational, safe decisions.

VOR consists of five one-hour sessions that cover basic alcohol knowledge, awareness of alcohol risks and consequences, practicing effective messaging, and implementing protective strategies to increase resilience and prevent high-risk drinking. Between sessions, VOR participants are asked to share information with their peers through everyday conversations. Evaluation of the VOR includes a pre- and post-test of Greek chapters involved in the VOR as well as focus groups and satisfaction surveys with participants.

For more information please contact GAMMA Advisor: or visit our GAMMA Facebook group.