Program Options

Ph.D. with a concentration in a) Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior or b) Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

The Ph.D. program emphasizes research. Prospective graduate students should review faculty research interests and then communicate with professors whose research interests match their own before applying to the university. Generally, the first 1-2 years is spent in coursework, with the rest of the time focused on independent dissertation research.

M.S., with thesis

The M.S. thesis program is generally chosen by students whose career goals require a research emphasis.  Students choosing this option complete a significant independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member in the department.

M.S., non-thesis

The M.S. non-thesis program is designed for students who are not sure of their specific career goals or who do not anticipate a need for well-developed independent research skills in their careers.  Students who hope to improve their qualifications for medical or dental school admission often pursue this option.

Accelerated M.S., non-thesis

Undergraduates at the University of Louisville who wish to obtain a non-thesis M.S. may be eligible for the accelerated non-thesis M.S. program.  In this program, students take up to 9 credit hours of graduate work during their senior year which are applied to the M.S. degree. Deadline for application to this program is August 1, and it is strongly encouraged before you register for senior-year classes. Besides requirements below, this program also requires an undergraduate GPA of 3.35 or better, and completion of BIOL 240/242/244, 329, 330/331, and 363 with grades of B or better.

Accelerated M.A.T, non-thesis

Undergraduates at the University of Louisville who are interested in the MAT program should contact Dr. Alexander (Email: to have their qualifications verified and to find out more information about this program.  Students apply to this program through the College of Education and Human Development. Besides requirements below, this program also requires 21 credit hours in biology and a Biology GPA of 3.0 or better.