Selected Publications

Selected Biology Education Publications

Fuselier, L., P. Eason, J. K. Jackson and S. Spaulding*.  2018.  Images of objective knowledge construction in sexual selection chapters of evolution textbooks.  Science & Education

Fuselier, LC., R. Detmering and T. Porter.  2017.  Contextualizing and scaling-up science information literacy in introductory biology laboratories.  Science & Technology Libraries 36(2)

Fuselier, L., J.K. Jackson and R. Stoiko*.  2016. Social and rational:  the presentation of nature of science and the uptake of change in evolution textbooks.  Science Education 100(2):239–265.

Fuselier, LC.,  2016.  And baby makes four – gestational surrogacy in India and the biology of the female reproductive system, a case study.  National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science.

Fuselier, L.,2015.  From generation to generation:  incorporation of intergenerational informal science education into an introductory college science course.  Science Education and Civic Engagement  7(2): 98-108.

Fuselier, L., C. Murphy, A. Bender and K. Creel Falcón.  2015.  Teaching scientific literacy in an introductory Women’s Studies course:  a case study in interdisciplinary collaboration.  Research in Science and Technological Education 33(1): 38-60.

Fuselier, L. and B. Nelson. 2011.  A Test of the efficacy of a single information literacy lesson in an Introductory Biology laboratory course with a strong science writing component. Science and Technology Libraries 30:58-75.

Fuselier, L., A. Bougary* and M. Malott.  2011.  From trace evidence to bioinformatics:  putting bryophytes into molecular biology education.  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 39:38-46.

Fuselier, L. and K.J. Jackson.  2010.  Perceptions of collaboration, equity and values in science among female and male college students.  Journal of Baltic Science Education 9:109-118.

Fuselier, L. and *N. True.  2009.  A novel experimental design for examining bryophyte response to increased ultraviolet radiation.  Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education 38:27-32.

Selected Biology Publications

Studlar, S.M. and L. Fuselier.  2018.  The 2016 Crum Workshop: Bryophytes of the Red River Gorge Geological Area, Kentucky.  Evansia 35(1).

Fuselier, L., M. Carriero, , and L. Nason*.  2018. Invasive Species Management Impacts on Native and Nonnative Ferns in an Urban Forest Spore Bank.  Castanea (Mar 2018) 83(1):28-37.

Studlar, S., L. Fuselier and P. Clark*.  2015.  Tenacity of bryophytes and lichens on sandstone cliffs in West Virginia and relevance to recreational climbing impacts.  Evansia 32(3): 121-135.

Fuselier, L., D. Donarski*, J. Novachek*, D. Rastedt* and C. Peyton*.  2012.  Composition and biomass productivity of bryophyte assemblages in natural and restored marshes in the prairie pothole region of northern Minnesota.  Wetlands 32:1067-1078.

Fuselier, L., B. Shaw, J. Engel, M. von Konrat, D. Costa, N. Devos and A. J. Shaw. 2011.  The status and phylogeography of the liverwort genus Apometzgeria Kuwah. (Metzgeriaceae).  The Bryologist. 114:92-101.

Fuselier, L., P.G. Davison, M. Clements*, B. Shaw, N. Devos, J. Heinrichs, J. Hentschel, M. Sabovljevic, P. Szövényi, S. Schuette, W. Hofbaurer, and A. J. Shaw.  2009.  Phylogeographic analyses reveal distinct lineages of Metzgeria furcata (L.) Dumort. and M. conjugata Lindb. (Metzgeriaceae) in Europe and North America.  Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 98:745-756.

*Asterisks indicate graduate or undergraduate student coauthors.