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Current Students


Max Adams

Benjamin (Max) Adams

B.S. (2010) Louisiana State Univ., Biology
M.S. (2012) Louisiana State Univ., Entomology

Max ia a Louisiana native who joined the lab as a PhD student in 2013 after completing his MS, which focused on the effects of the Gulf oil spill on wetland insects.  His dissertation research is based in Panama and examines the role of lianas in the maintenance of local ant species richness. 


Evan GoraEvan Gora

B.S. (2012) University of Pittsburgh, Biology and Economics

Evan began working in the lab as a field/lab technician in 2013 and transitioned to PhD student status in 2014. Evan was trained in forest ecology as a field assistant in Walt Carson's lab and is using that expertise to explore the ecology of lightning in temperate and tropical forests.  



Dana F.Dana Frederick

B.S. (2011) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Biology
M.S. (2014) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Biology

Dana joined the lab as an undergraduate assistant in 2011 and has been a key participant in our canopy ant ecology projects in Panama.  Her MS research focuses on quantifying "arthropod rain" and ant swimming behavior in tropical forests.






Past Students


Petrus MoreiraPetrus Fauaze Moreira

B.S. (2010) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Biology
M.S. (2012) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Biology

Petrus began working in our lab as an undergraduate assistant in 2009 and quickly became an expert tree climber.  He surveyed arboreal ants in parks around Little Rock for his honors thesis.  His MS research described canopy ant communities of central Arkansas and the Atlantic Forest region of Brazil.  Petrus returned to his home in Brazil in 2012, where he plans to pursue a doctoral degree in biology.


Theo SumnichtTheodore Sumnicht

B.S. (2009) University of California-Davis, Entomology
M.S. (2012) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Biology

Theo's MS thesis explored the effects of liana extermination on litter arthropod communities in Panama.  During our first trip to Barro Colorado Island, Theo persevered through the world's worst case of chigger hypersensitivity.  Undaunted, he returned the following year to be voluntarily stung by a bullet ant (Paraponera clavata).  Upon completion of his MS degree, Theo enrolled in the Ph.D. program at the University of Utah as a member of Jack Longino's lab.


Robin M VerbleDr. Robin Verble

B.S. (2006) University of Southern Indiana, Environmental Biology, cum laude
M.S. (2008) University of Arkansas, Entomology
Ph.D. (2012) University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Applied Biosciences

Robin's award-winning dissertation research examined the effects of prescribed fire on ant communities in Ozark oak forests of Arkansas.  Robin spearheaded the organization and formal dedication of the Watson Entomological Museum at UALR, and coordinated our outreach programs.  She is now an assistant professor in the Department of Resource Management at Texas Tech University, where she directs the fire ecology program. 

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