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Fall 2013
Biol. 409. Evolutionary Biology. This course focuses on the processes of evolution and the patterns they generate, with the aim of developing a scientific way of thinking about the processes that bring about biological diversity. Topics covered include the theory of evolution by natural selection, concepts of fitness and adaptation, the four forces of microevolution, elementary population genetics, molecular evolution, principles of systematic biology, modes of speciation, macro-evolutionary trends, and patterns of extinctions. Through this broad survey of the discipline students will learn why Theodosius Dobzhansky said that “Nothing in biology makes sense, except in the light of evolution”.


Spring 2014

Biol. 571/671 Selected Topics: Research Design and Analysis. This course is designed for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students who have taken a Statistics or Biometry course. Students will gain exposure to the process of moving from a biological question, through experimental design and analysis and presentation options. Discussions of experimental design will focus on tradeoffs arising among statistical power, ease of data collection and simplicity of presentation. Exercises in statistical analysis will focus on students' abilities to identify appropriate vs. inappropriate analysis routes, choosing among multiple acceptable models, and presentation of analyses for publication.


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