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Undergraduate students are welcome to join my lab and participate in work in a number of aspects of my research program. Such work would provide opportunities for learning bacterial culture, tissue culture, and/or molecular techniques, as well as exposure to experimental design and data analysis. Participation in lab meetings, regular maintenance chores in the lab and a minimum commitment to the lab of a full year are expected. If you are interested, contact me. Tell me about your research interests, your goals for your undergraduate research experience, what you scientific background is, and how you fit into my lab.



Students interested in working on the ecology and evolution of disease organisms are welcome to contact me regarding graduate work.


Although graduate student projects in my lab can potentially span a range of topics, projects within my areas of expertise and/or my study system are most likely to yield productive results quickly. With that in mind, I expect students will begin in my lab with a collaborative project within my research program, thereby gaining research skills and experience. Thereafter, I expect students to begin to identify their own “niche”, and direct the remainder of their graduate research program more independently.


If you are interested in doing graduate work in my lab, drop me a note. Tell me about your interests, what you scientific background is, and how you fit into my lab. Then check out the forms and deadlines for applications within the Biology Department and the Graduate School. Dr. Perri Eason, the Biology Department Director of Graduate Studies can answer questions regarding graduate studies within our department, and about the application process.


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