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Center for Environmental Science



One of the centers within the
Kentucky Institute for the Environment and Sustainable Development




The Center for Environmental Science conducts basic and applied scientific research that advances our understanding of the interactions between natural and human-modified environments, particularly in urban and suburban areas, and expands the knowledge base in conservation and restoration science. The Center also carries out and participates in education and outreach activities that translate scientific research findings to environmental managers, educators, land-use planners, and the public in order to improve our collective understanding of the value of the ecological services provided by nature to societal sustainability and quality of life.


Examples of such research include:

  • Impacts of exotic invasive species on plant communities, tree regeneration and soil erosion in urban park woodlands
  • Responses of forest plants and soil nutrient-cycling processes to urban-to-rural land-use gradients

  • Variation in tree communities, their ecosystem services and soil heavy metal concentrations in residential lots

  • Effects of habitat fragmentation on the ecology, genetics, and viability of invertebrate and vertebrate populations

  • Interactions between genetics and stress in invertebrates

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Margaret Carreiro, Department of Biology, Director


James Alexander, Department of Biology

Cynthia Corbitt, Department of Biology

Perri Eason, Department of Biology

 Sarah Emery, Department of Biology

Keith Mountain, Department of Geography and Geosciences

Steve Yanoviak, Department of Biology



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