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$500 Bridging the Gap Scholarship (For Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional Students)

The University of Louisville’s (UofL) Black Faculty/Staff Association (BFSA) is pleased to announce its inaugural “Bridging the Gap” Scholarship to fund a student’s personal participation in a(n) academic initiative, activity, program or a student’s completion of a degree. Two scholarships will be given. One to any undergraduate and the other to any graduate or professional student who displays an understanding and appreciation of BFSA’s mission.

Any UofL faculty, staff, student, or administrator may nominate a deserving student; however, no student self-nominations without a formal letter of support will be allowed. Please note: This is an academic scholarship and will be applied to the student’s bursar account. Therefore, if the student still owes for tuition, housing or other outstanding balances, the scholarship must be applied to such outstanding balances first and (if applicable) the remainder will be available to the student.

More information on the 2020-2021 application cycle coming soon. 

2019-20 Scholarship Winners
Aisha Wilson----Undergraduate---Major: Public Health
Mutuyat Ade-Salu---Graduate---Major: Theatre Arts



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