Dr. Charles Ziegler

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Department of Political Science

Dr. Charles ZieglerCharles E. Ziegler is Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at the University of Louisville, and University Scholar. He is founder and Director of the Institute for Democracy and Development, and founder of the Center for Asian Democracy. Aspecialist on Russia and Eurasia, Ziegler is co-editor (with Judith Thornton) of The Russian Far East: A Region at Risk (University of Washington Press, 2002), and author of The History of Russia(Greenwood Press, 1999), Foreign Policy and East Asia (Cambridge University Press, 1993), and Environmental Policy in the USSR (University of Massachusetts Press, 1987). In addition, he has written over fifty book chapters and articles for such professional journals as Comparative Politics, Political Science Quarterly, British Journal of Political Science, Problems of Post-Communism, Asian Survey, International Politics, Policy Studies Journal, and Pacific Review.

Ziegler has held an International Research and Exchanges Board Advanced Individual Research Opportunity grant, a Senior Fulbright Fellowship to Korea, an International Affairs Fellowship of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Hoover Institution National Fellowship. He currently serves as Executive Director of the Louisville Committee on Foreign Relations. Recent papers include “The Russian Diaspora in Central Asia: Russian Compatriots and Moscow’s Foreign Policy” (in Demokratizatisiya, 2006),“The Energy Factor in China’s Foreign Policy,” in Journal of Chinese Political Science(2006), “Russia, China, and Energy in Central and East Asia” (in Energy Wealth,Governance and Welfare in the Caspian Region, 2006); and “US Strategy in Central Asia and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization” (Mirovaiya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnyeotnosheniya 2005).

Current and Recent Projects

  • Dr. Ziegler is the U.S. Director of the Center for Asian Democracy's project: Building Human Rights and Civil Society in Kazakhstan.
  • February 22-23, 2007. Invited to present a paper on “Russia and China in Central Asia” to the Center for Naval Analyses conference on Russian-Chinese Relations,Washington, D.C.
  • February 28-March 3, presented a paper on “The U.S., NATO, and Central Asia:Collective Security in an Energy-Rich Region,” to the International Studies Association meeting, Chicago, IL March 27-28, invited guest speaker for the Foreign Policy Association Great Decisions Program, University of North Carolina—Wilmington, on Central Asia.
  • May 3-4, invited to present a paper on “Asian NOCs in Eurasia: Responsible Investors or Authoritarian Enablers?” to the National Bureau for Asian Research/National Defense University conference on The Rise of Asia’s National Oil Companies, Washington, D.C.
  • Appointed by Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan, to serve as a consultant for their new Ph.D. program in Political Science. In that capacity I hosted a delegation of three Kazakhs, including the Chair of ENU’s Political Science Department, for three weeks in April 2007. Also, I will be teaching two courses to their doctoral students in Astana in May 2007.
  • As of July 1, 2007 I will step down as Chair of the Department (after serving nine years in that capacity), and have been designated University Scholar.