Resilient Families Project helps children and parents at Wayside Christian Mission

A 27-week project designed by the University of Louisville to help some of city’s most vulnerable families improve their parenting skills concluded April 26 with a graduation ceremony at Wayside Christian Mission’s Hotel Louisville.

Psychology professors Barbara Burns and Lora Haynes created the Resilient Families Project for children and parents who live at Wayside Christian Mission’s Hotel Louisville and emergency homeless shelter. More than 120 Wayside residents participated. The classes, which began last October, emphasized resilience, compassion and improved communications and child management skills. The project is part of a larger initiative to help Wayside residents adopt critical thinking skills for making major life decisions.

UofL’s Ideas to Action (i2a) quality enhancement program to improve students critical thinking skills provided some funding for the program.

Wayside’s CEO Tim Moseley first thought of the partnership nearly a year ago when he attended UofL’s critical thinking conference and learned how critical thinking skills would be useful for the homeless population, according to Edna Ross, a psychology professor who also is the i2a specialist for critical thinking.

The collaboration between Wayside and i2a includes multiple colleges and units within the university and dozens of UofL students.

“This collaboration has been a game changer for some of the families at Wayside and has the potential to make a huge impact on our community,” said Ross. “We’ve had several families tell us that it has completely changed their outlook on life.”

Some of the April graduates will continue with Resilient Families as facilitators for future classes, she said.

Dr Lora Haynes and Nina Moseley of Wayside Christian Mission discuss the program in an interview with Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners: WHAS Great Day Live.