Short-term Programs

2012 Short-term Programs

A&S offers short-term programs around the world, from the Caribbean and Latin America to Asia, Africa, and Europe. Students can receive credit for courses in foreign languages, art and architecture, international business, cross-cultural communication, and a variety of other fields. Below are the programs available in 2012. You may also wish to investigate past programs, which may be offered again in coming years.

Information and Forms for All Students

Information and Forms for Specific Programs

Below is a tentative list of the short-term programs to be offered in 2012. New information will be added shortly.

BrazilBrazil: Summer Study Abroad in Brazil

Dates TBA

China: Winter Study Abroad in Shanghai -- Cultural Immersion

December 22, 2011 - January 7, 2012

GenBrochure_China3.JPGChina: Summer Study Abroad in China

May - Jun 2012

China: Summer Study Abroad in China -- Shandong University

May 5 - Jun 2, 2012

Cuba: Arts and Film in Cuba

March 9 - March 18, 2012

IES Residence HallEngland: Summer Study in London

Dates TBA

On the edge at the Cliffs of MoherIreland: Intercultural Communication in Ireland

May 7 - May 25, 2012

korea-seoul.jpgSouth Korea: Summer Study at the University of Seoul, Korea

July 2012

NIreland groupNorthern Ireland: International Service Learning and Research in Northern Ireland

May 5 - May 19, 2012

PanamaPanama: Summer Study Abroad in Panama

Dates TBA


Trinidad & Tobago Study Abroad Program

Dates TBA

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