Meet the 2013-2014 Interns

Meet the Interns Flyer

Becca Barhorst is a recent graduate of the University of Louisville, with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a minor in Women and Gender Studies. Her first taste of social activism came while interning for the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, where she was exposed to the social and environmental injustices of the coal mining industry in the Appalachian region of Kentucky. After spending a semester in Central America studying the political and social change of the region, she knew the rest of her collegiate studies and future career plans would center around social activism.

Logan Travis is a Senior Pan-African Studies major. Social Justice education and activism have always been a passion of his. In his first years at UofL, he worked with various organizations, such as the Student African American Brotherhood and the Association of Black Students, to do as much as he could to counteract racial op-pression in his environment. It is his goal with this internship to learn and expand his hori-zons on all forms of oppression, not just the one’s that directly effect him. He hopes to learn and expe-rience more in order to become better prepared to fight against all forms of oppression to make a better world.

Melanie Burrier is currently a Junior with a major in Social Work and a minor in Music. She is also a Resident Assistant for Unitas Hall. She enjoys working with Freshmen students, helping them become involved in the campus com-munity. She is also involved in many volunteer positions throughout the Louisville community.

Ashton Parker is currently an undeclared sophomore interested in Women’s and Gender Studies as well as Social Work. They are a person who is passionate about Social Justice, is an intersectional feminist, as well as a southern belle.

Rachel Ellis is a non-traditional student who believes that what she learns outside educa-tional institutions will take her further than what she has learned within them. She enjoys grassroots social justice work first and fore-most because she gets to work with people who live the life she lives on a day to day ba-sis. She is a senior at the University pursuing degrees in Communications and Pan-African Studies. Her current focus is how to effectively channel her anger fueled by the various injus-tices she has to face in her daily life.

Tamara Kamara, a senior with a double minor in French and African American Theatre. She loves performing and volunteer-ing at Sunrise girl’s home in Elizabeth-town, Ky. She is excited about her intern-ship with the Inclusion and Equity In-ternship Program. She wants to bring attention to the social injustice in our community and the unfairness in our society. As a theatre major she has gotten the ability to get involved on campus and work with many diversity programs around Louisville.

My name is Cherrelle ‘Relle’ Marable, I am an African-American young lady, full time student and a mother of two toddlers. I am a senior majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism. Upon graduation I will be the first of family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. My goal for the internship program is to learn more and to grow as an individual in this diverse world.

Erin Parry is a senior majoring in Pan- African Studies and minoring in Modern Cultures. She is the mother of a toddler born to unwed, minority college students, as well as numerous other personal descriptors. She found that in her college career, her eyes have been opened to many different types of oppression that she and others face on a daily basis. This sparked a deep interest for her to learn what sorts of discrimination/oppression others experience on a daily basis, as well as what steps and movements are being made to combat these forms of oppression. She is very optimistic that participating in the Inclusion and Equity Internship will help her further learn her own biases, as well as offer insight into what career paths there are to utilize her interest in diversity.

Austen Coles is a Sophomore psychology major with a focus on social science. She is a dual citizen and has a culturally diverse family which has given her the opportunity for travel, a true pas-sion of hers. She works as a Cardinal Ambassador and AVIATOR with the Diversity Recruitment department at UofL. In her community, she has volun-teered with groups that focus on giving refuge and aid to young people with psy-chological and behavior disorders. Her volunteer experience, travel opportuni-ties, and social justice studies have lead her to develop her philosophy that aware-ness and exposure to different lifestyles is a necessary compliment to a well-rounded and healthy psyche.

Jill Sadowski is a white genderful cisbodied queer child exploring social justice. Jill is about to finish a degree in gender studies. She is an avid advocate for reproductive justice, anti-racism work, mental health, and disability justice. She is a clinic escort vol-unteer, a WENCH, a board game enthusiast, and a spoken word performer.

Marinda Iona Ragsdale is a Junior Women and Gender Studies major with a minor in Political Science. Her passion is to help peo-ple live better lives. By participating in this intern program she hopes to help level the playing field for as many people as she can.

LaTisha Mack is currently a nursing student with hopes of opening a clinic for women’s health and the importance of safe sex. Since starting her college career she pursued an interest in cultural diversi-ty for campus involvement. LaTisha re-cently joined the Inclusion and Equity Diversity Internship to dive more into other’s views on diversity on campus, ways to improve diversity, and learning how to educate others on culture and di-versity.

Gerome Miller is a queer guy who is a senior studying Humanities with his concentrations in Linguistics and Liter-ature. He is a strong advocate for those who do not fit within the gender binary and for deconstructing systematic ine-quality. He dislikes the fact that he now has male privilege. He also enjoys playing The Barbie Game and baking.

Fairen Harris, a young, wild, and free black female 5th year senior double major in Pan African Studies and Psychology. Fairen has decided that issues of social justice must be brought to the course work of each student at the University and she is very excited to have a lot of campus and community involvement with in this internship as well as her many oth-er endeavors. This will be her first year with IEI and she cannot wait to help the program effect change. “The word justice has US within itself for a reason.” Interesting fact: Fairen has become an avid watcher of Xena Warrior Princess, she believes it brings insight to the idea of a powerful female "heroess".

William Pope is currently a sophomore majoring in Economics and Philosophy. In his spare time he enjoys journeying the world on his go-cart, fighting “The Pow-er,” and climbing trees. He recently joined the internship to promote an effective dialogue on race in order to break down social barriers and promote equality for all.