Meet the 2012-2013 Interns

Meet the 2012-13 Interns flyer

Melanie BurrierMelanie Burrier

Melanie Burrier is currently a sophomore majoring in Music Therapy with a Jazz emphasis. She is also a Resident Assistant for Unitas Hall. She enjoys working with Freshmen students, helping them become involved in the campus community. She is also involved in many volunteer positions throughout the Louisville community.

Rachel EllisRachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis is a double major in Communications and Pan-African Studies. She is an aspiring music therapist and hopes to use her research and practice to give POC (people of color) who suffer with depression/anxiety a way to deal and overcome. She loves playing the flute and is obsessed with cooking different types of food. She has an eye for color and expresses that through her style. She is an advocate for sustainable living and is trying to get over her affluent problem confessions of being a shop-aholic!

Erin ParryErin Parry

Erin Parry is a senior majoring in Pan- African Studies and minoring in Modern Cultures. She is the daughter of a white mother and black father and is the sister of a fabulous girl who is differently-abled and classified as autistic. She is the mother of a toddler born to unwed, minority college students, as well as countless other personal descriptors. She found that in her college career, her eyes have been opened to many different types of oppression that she personally faced being in the intersections previously mentioned.. This sparked a deep interest for her to learn what sorts of discrimination/oppression others experience on a daily basis, as well as what steps and movements are being made to combat these forms of oppression. She is very optimistic that participating in the Inclusion and Equity Internship will help her further learn her own biases, as well as offer insight into what career paths there are to utilize her interest in diversity.

Logan TravisLogan Travis

Logan Travis is a Senior Pan-African Studies major. He is a black male, and has been made aware of that daily for the majority of his life. Social Justice education and activism have always been a passion of his. Even at a young age, he noticed a difference in ways people acted towards him vs his white counterparts. In his first couple of years at UofL, he worked with various organizations, such as the Student African American Brotherhood and the Association of Black Students, to do as much as he could to counteract racial oppression in his environment. It was not until he was introduced to intersectionality that he realized he was solely focusing on racial oppression towards black people. It is his goal with this internship to learn and expand his horizons on all forms of oppression, not just the one’s that directly affect him. He hopes to learn and experience more in order to become better prepared to fight against all forms of oppression to make a better world.


Jessica RonaldJessica Ronald

Jessica Ronald is a graduate student with a MA in Women and Gender Studies pursuing a second master’s in Pan-African Studies and a graduate certificate in Latin American Studies. Her goals for research and social action involve deconstructing notions of static hegemonic structures of identity by showcasing the spaces that transgress “boundaries” of race, class, gender, and sexuality. Her current research project specifically focuses on performances of identity that confront hegemonic constructions of masculinity and whiteness.

2nd year IEI.

Lauren TaylorLauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor is an African-American woman, student, and parent of three children. At the age of 28, she returned to college as a full-time student, facing many uncertainties to pursue a degree in Communications. Her professional and personal experiences have prepared her for this diverse world. It is her desire to continue growing through this never-ending learning process. Her hope is that by attending UofL and participating in this intern program, she will become self-empowered, as well as better equipped to empower others.

2nd year IEI.

Khotso LibeKhotso Libe

Khotso Libe is currently a graduate student in the College Student Personnel Program in the College of Education and Human Development. He graduated from UofL in 2012 with a B.A. in Psychology and Pan-African Studies.

4th year IEI.

Natalie-Topp.jpgNatalie Topp

Natalie Topp is a Senior Political Science major with Social Change and LGBTQ studies as her minors. She works closely as the Inside Out facilitator for the Office for LGBT Services, helping to create safe spaces on campus for queer scholars. She attempts to break down systems of power and privilege as an Ali Scholar through the Muhammad Ali Institute for Peace & Justice. She also is hilarious and loves tea!

3rd year IEI.

Ann-Moore.jpgJill Sadowski

Jill Sadowski is a white genderful cisbodied queer child exploring social justice. She is a senior, studying American Sign Language Interpreting and Women and Gender Studies. She enjoys many forms of activism. She is an avid advocate for reproductive rights, anti-racism work, mental health, and disability justice. She is a clinic escort volunteer, a WENCH, organizer of the Feminist Alliance at UofL, and a spoken word artist. She believes the revolution has to begin somewhere.

3rd year IEI.