Previous Graduate Workshops

Graduate Diversity Workshop - Putting Inclusive Teaching into Practice

This will be an interactive workshop for graduate students who already possess a basic understanding of the principles of inclusive and equitable pedagogy. Participants will hear from a panel of faculty who are recognized for excellence in inclusive teaching practices. Part of the workshop will be devoted to a Q&A with the faculty panelists, so participants should come prepared with specific questions regarding the practical application of inclusive teaching principles in their classrooms.

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I Just Treat Everyone the Same: Moving from Equality to Equity in Teaching

As educators, we have a professional obligation to treat our students fairly, so it is natural to think that this means treating everyone the same. This workshop will explore the multiple ways that the assumptions we make as teachers can privilege certain groups while disadvantaging others. We will see that when we fail to critically examine these assumptions, treating everyone the same will not lead to an equitable learning environment. We will also learn about what we can and cannot do for students with disabilities and the resources the DRC provides. This workshop is open to all Graduate Teaching Assistants.

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