Pretenure Review Information

Pretenure binders are prepared in the Office of Faculty Affairs and are normally delivered to department chairs the first week of October.

Each pretenure binder contains the following tab dividers:

  • A&S Committee Recommendation
  • Chair Recommendation
  • Department Recommendation
  • Prior Recommendations
  • C.V.
  • Annual Work Plans
  • Research and Creative Activity
  • Instruction
  • Service

The following documents are included in the binder from the Office of Faculty Affairs files:

  • Curriculum Vitae from the hiring process
  • Copies of all Annual Work Plans
  • Copies of all merit reviews from the department personnel committee and chair

The faculty member subject to pretenure review should provide copies to the department chair or department personnel committee chair of all evidence relevant to the case in the following categories for inclusion in the pretenure binder:

  • Research and Creative Activity
  • Teaching*
  • Service

*The Instructional Summaries 2010-2012 or Instructional Summaries 2013-Present form should be completed and included in the Teaching section of the pretenure binder

Pretenure binders are normally due for return to the Dean's office the first week of February. Check the Academic Calendar of Deadlines for exact dates