Preparing the Merit Review Binder

The binder must be divided into sections or tabs with a label for each faculty member in the department in alphabetical order.

The following documents should be inserted before tabbed section of faculty begins:

  1. Summary or cover letter from the chair (not mandatory).
  2. A summary chart of all faculty, in alphabetical order, to include ratings given by the department personnel committee and chair, i.e. Exceptional (E), Highly Proficient (HP), Proficient (P), or Not Proficient (NP).

PLEASE NOTE:  In preparing the summary chart, please include all TERM faculty together in a section especially designed for them following the tenured and tenure-track faculty.


 Behind each tab should be the following in this order:

  1. Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty
  2. Recommendation from the chair
  3. Rebuttal or comment (if any)
  4. Recommendation from the department personnel committee
  5. Rebuttal or comment (if any)
  6. Current curriculum vitae

PLEASE NOTE:  All TERM faculty recommendations should be included in a section designed especially for them following the tenured and tenure-track faculty tabs.



September 2009