Meeting 11-8-13

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
November 8, 2013

Members present: J. Li, R. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, W. Yoder, C. Zhang

Members absent: H. Gutierrez, J. Kettle (A&S Student Council), M. Rohmann

Guests: P. Beattie (HUM), M. Church (A&S Advising), T. K’Meyer (HIST), N. Polzer  (HUM), T. Riedel (MATH)

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2014:

HIST 401:  Internship—CUE designation  and prerequisite and credit hour changes
HUM 509:  Interdisciplinary Approaches—title/description change; WR credit; CUE designation
HUM 510:  Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion—prerequisite change; CUE designation
HUM 610:  Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion—description change
HUM 313:  Introduction to the Qur’an—new course
HUM 314:  Buddhist Scriptures—new course
HUM 336:  Religions of Native American Peoples—new  course
HUM 516:  Topics in the Histories of Religion—new course; approved pending receipt of syllabus showing difference in undergraduate and graduate level work
HUM 616: Topics in the Histories of Religion—new course
HUM 660:  Proseminar: Doctoral Study—new course
HUM 661:  Humanistic Studies I—title change
HUM 662:  Humanistic Studies II—title change
HUM 663:  Global Perspectives on Arts and Culture—new course
HUM 673:  Topics in Cultural Theory—new course
HUM 674:  Topics in Aesthetic Theory—new course
HUM 683:  Exercises in Interdisciplinary Research—new course
LING 523/ENGL 523:  History of the English Language—description change

Changes were approved to the requirements for the B.S. in Mathematics.  The four tracks in the current degree will be replaced by two tracks:  a Mathematics Track and an Actuarial Track.