Minutes 4-17-13

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
April 17, 2013

Members present: R. Carini, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Members absent: N. Ansari (A&S Student Council)

Guests: T. Adams (PAS), T. Berbet (FA), L. Best (PAS), R. Fell (BIOL), Y-K. Chan (FA), D. Lai (FA)

The minutes of the meeting of March 20, 2013, were approved as distributed.

The committee approved acceptance of both Standard Level and Higher Level examinations of the International Baccalaureate for Chinese, French,  German, Latin, and Spanish, effective for examinations taken after January 30, 2013.

Changes were approved to the BS Biology track in Genetics and Sub-cellular Biology, effective Summer 2014 .  The current requirement for completion of BIOL 400 in that track will be expanded to BIOL 400 OR BIOL 357 and 358 OR BIOL 348, 3-4 hours, with the number of credit hours in the track changing from 16-17 to 15-17.

A change to the meeting pattern of BIOL 350, adding a recitation once per week, was approved.  The change does not affect the credit hours earned by the course.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2014:

  • PEAC 550:  Service Learning in Peacebuilding (addition of prerequisites)
  • AST 495:  Asian Studies Seminar (CUE designation)
  • ART 596:  Professional Development in Interior Architecture (CUE designation)
  • ART 597:  Professional Development ion Studio Arts (CUE designation)
  • ART 598:  Portfolio Development in Graphic Design (CUE designation)

Action on CUE designations for ART 599:  Studio Art Capstone Seminar and PAS 409: Pan-African Studies Capstone Seminar was deferred for additional information.