Minutes 12-5-12

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
December 5, 2012

Members present:  R. Carini, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Members absent:  N. Ansari (A&S Student Council)

Guests:  T. Berbet (FA), T. Dowling (PHYS), J. Grubola (FA), J. Lauroesch (PHYS), C. Leist (REACH), G. Mayer (FA), D. Owens (PHIL), W. Pfeffer (Dean’s Office), T. Riedel (MATH), S. Skaggs (FA), C. Wilkins (REACH)

The minutes of the meeting of November 28 were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2013.


  • ARTH 531/AST 531:  Studies in Asian Art (new course)
  • ARAB 323:  Journalistic Arab (new course)
  • COMM 318:  Intro to Advertising (delete)
  • COMM 347:  Public Relations (delete)
  • COMM 510:  Special Topics in Speech (title/description change)
  • PSYC 404:  Seminar in Psychology (credit hour change)
  • PSYC 406:  Honors Research (CUE designation)
  • GERM 201:  Intermediate German (title/description change)
  • GERM 202:  Intermediate German II (new course)
  • (GERM 202 was added to the requirements for the minor in German and the number of elective hours in the minor was reduced to 6.)
  • FREN 552:  French Work Exchange Research (description change)
  • FREN 699:  Final Research Project (description change)
  • PLAN 601/PADM 607/UPA 684:  Planning Theory (title/description change)
  • PLAN 625:  Historic Preservation (title/description change)
  • PADM/POLS 608:  E-Government (delete)
  • PADM/POLS 605:  Into to Non-Profit Management (title/description change)
  • PHIL 590/PHIL 690:  Fundamentals of Diversity (new courses)
  • GEN 104:  Special Topics in College Mathematics (new course)
  • ART 115:  Foundation Drawing I (title/number change:  becomes ART 107)
  • ART 116:  Foundation Drawing II (title/number change:  becomes ART  207)
  • ART 205:  Foundation Design Methods (new course)
  • ART 206:  Foundation Art Concepts and Methods (new course)
  • ART  301:  Introduction to Painting (prerequisite change)
  • ART 305:  Drawing and Composition (prerequisite change)
  • ART 311:  Introduction to Glass (prerequisite change)
  • ART 321:  Introduction to Sculpture (prerequisite change)
  • ART 331:  Introduction to Clay (prerequisite change)
  • ART 341:  Introduction to Printmaking (prerequisite change)
  • ART 351:  Introduction to Black and White Photography (prerequisite change)
  • ART 361:  Introduction to Interior Architecture (prerequisite change)
  • ART 371:  Introduction to Graphic Design (prerequisite change)
  • ART 383:  Papermaking (prerequisite change)
  • ART 390:  Special Problems in Studio Art (prerequisite change)
  • ART 501:  History and Issues of Graphic Design (title/description change)
  • ART 509:  Anatomy and Life Drawing (new course)

Requirements for the  B.A. in Art, BFA in Fine Arts  and the minor in ART were changed to reflect the renumbering of the foundation courses.  The current requirement of ART 105, 106, 115 and 116 will become ART 105, 106, and 107 and one course from ART 205, 206, or 207.  Total hours do not change.

  • PHYS 497:  Senior Thesis in Physics (new course; WR credit; CUE designation)
  • PHYS 498:  Undergraduate Research (prerequisite change)
  • PHYS 561:  Mathematical Physics I (prerequisite change)

Action was deferred on PHYS 430, 496, and 499 for expanded syllabi.
Action was deferred on FREN 590 and 611 for additional information.

The requirements of the M.A. in Anthropology were changed from 18 hours (excluding thesis) at the 600-level to 12 hours (excluding thesis) at the 600-level, with the remaining hours at the 500 or 600 level.  Additionally, students may enroll in 9 credit hours (formerly 6 sch) in another department.

The proposal for a post-baccalaureate certificate in Diversity Literacy was approved.