Minutes 11-07-12

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 7, 2012


Members present:  R. Carini, J. Li, R. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Members absent:  N. Ansari (A&S Student Council), S. Rabin

Guests:  A. Futrell (COMM), P. Johnson (FA/PAS)


The minutes of the meeting of October 24 were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2013.  (General Education courses must also be approved by the General Education Course Committee.)

  • PAS 308/ARTH 349:  Contemporary Trends in African American Art (GenEd CD1 credit)
  • ITP 490:  Linguistics and ASL II (CUE designation)
  • HUM/WGST 345:  Women in Hinduism and Buddhism (delete)
  • HUM 514/614:  Colloquium: Interreligious Dialogue (title/description change)
  • HUM 515/615:  Topics in Gender and Humanities (new course)
  • LING/ENGL 522:  Structure of Modern American English (title/description change)
  • POLS 512:  Frankfort Internship (pending clarification of contact hours)
  • POLS 520:  Coping with Conflict (prerequisite change)

Changes were approved to the minor in Pan African Studies.  The minors in  African Studies and Caribbean Studies will be deleted.  

The committee discussed the proposal for COMM 490:  Studying Communication Abroad as a topics course carrying CD credit.  Action was deferred for additional consideration.