Minutes 10-24-12

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 24, 2012


Members present:  N. Ansari (A&S Student Council), R. Carini, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Members absent:  R. Roebuck

Guests:  P. Beattie (HUM), A. Cooper (HUM), D. Howarth (GEOG/GEOS)

The minutes of the meeting of September 26  were approved after a correction to the names of the members present.

The committee approved the request from Admission to remove UofL matriculation dates as a feature of CLEP credit award.  Credit will be based on the  departmentally approved test scores in effect at the time the test was taken regardless of the date of the student’s matriculation at UofL.

The following course actions was approved, effective Summer 2013.  (General Education courses must also be approved by the General Education Course Committee.)

  • HIST 504:  Philosophy of History—CUE designation and removal of cross-list with PHIL 504
  • GEOS/PHYS 219:  Contemporary Issues in Meteorology Laboratory—new course and SL GER credit  
  • ML 270/AST 270/CHST 270:  Chinese Contributions to the World—HUM GER  credit
  • HUM 224:  Introduction to Film—new course; HUM and CD2 GER credit
  • HUM 324:  Introduction to Film Studies—title/description change
  • ANTH 201:  Introduction to Cultural Anthropology—description change
  • ANTH 202:  Introduction to Biological Anthropology—description change
  • ANTH 203:  Introduction to World Prehistory—description change
  • ANTH 204:  Introduction to Archaeology—description change
  • HIST 356:  Islamic Middle East—removed of upper level A&S WR credit
  • ITP 320:  Voice to Sign Interpreting I—title/description change
  • ITP 325:  Sign to Voice Interpreting I—title/description change
  • ITP 420:  Voice to Sign Interpreting II—title/description change
  • ITP 425:  Sign to Voice Interpreting II—title/description change
  • SPAN 355:  Reading Hispanic Texts—prerequisite change
  • ENGL 250:  Introduction to Literature—description change to clarify that the credit does not count toward hours in department for English majors
  • ENGL 450:  Cooperative Internship—description change to clarify that the credit does count toward hours in the English major
  • MATH 151:  Mathematics for Elementary Education I—prerequisite change
  • MATH 350:  Geometric Investigations—description change
  • MATH 451:  Problem Solving—description change
  • MATH 561:  Probability—prerequisite change
  • SOC 725:  Organizational Theory—new course

The committee approved the proposal from the department of Sociology to make SOC 725 a required course in the Ph.D.   Elective hours in the degree will be reduced to 9.