Minutes 1-9-13

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
January 9, 2013
[Corrected  January 16]

Members present:  N. Ansari (A&S Student Council), R. Carini, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Guests:  A. Futrell (COMM), G. Leichty (COMM), R. Vandenbroucke (TA/PEAC)

The minutes of the meeting of December 5, 2012, were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2013:

  • PEAC 525:  Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation (new course; graduate credit only)
  • PEAC 545:  Basic Mediation and Conflict (new course; graduate credit only)
  • COMM 317:  Communication Internship (description/credit hour/prerequisite change) This course will be deleted from the requirements for the BS in Communication.
  • COMM 417:  Senior Internship (new course; CUE designation) This course will be added to the requirements for the BS in Communication.
  • COMM 333:  Social Media (new course)
  • COMM 428:  Advanced Video Communication (new course)

Action was deferred on COMM 402 and COMM 349 for additional information about the writing requirements of the courses.

The committee discussed the proposal for COMM 490:  Studying Communication Abroad,  a special
topics course proposed for CD1 credit, with Professor Futrell.