Minuts 1/26/12

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
January 26, 2012

Members present:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Williams

PEAC 350:  Basic Mediation and Conflict Transformation (new course)  was approved.  The effective date is contingent upon the final approval of the undergraduate certificate.

The committee noted that its prior approval of the undergraduate certificate in Peace, Justice, and Conflict Transformation should carry the condition that no more than 6 hours of coursework could be used in common in that certificate and the minor in Social Change.

The proposal to change the rubric of Social Change courses to PEAC was withdrawn.
The proposal for GEN 205:  Collegiate Success was withdrawn.

The following courses were approved, effective Summer 2012:

  • AST 495:  Asian Studies Senior Seminar (new course)
  • AST 390:  Topics in Asian Studies-Humanities (new course)
  • AST 391:  Topics in Asian Studies-Social Sciences (new course)

The following courses are existing courses for which a cross-listed course in Asian Studies is being established:

  • AST 340/HUM 341:  South Asian Religious Thought and Culture
  • AST 343/HUM 343:  East Asian Religious Thought and Culture
  • AST 270/CHST 270/ML 270:  Chinese Contributions to the World
  • AST 323/CHST 323:  Doing Business in China
  • AST 333/CHST 333:  Contemporary China
  • AST 335/CHST 335:  China Through Film
  • AST 341/CHST 341:  Ethnicity and Religion in China
  • AST 351/CHST 351:  Chinese Literature in Translation I
  • AST 351/CHST 352:  Chinese Literature in Translation II
  • AST 317/ANTH 317:  Anthropology of China
  • AST 347/ANTH 347:  Global Capitalisms
  • AST 365/POLS 365:  People’s Republic of China-WR
  • AST 366/POLS 366:  Politics of East Asia
  • AST 367/POLS 367:  Politics of Southeast Asia
  • AST 397/HIST 397:  Traditional China
  • AST 398/HIST 398:  Modern China
  • AST 308/GEOG 308:  Geography of China
  • AST 316/GEOG 316:  Geography of South Asia
  • AST 290/ARTH 290:  Survey of Asian Art
  • AST 330/ARTH 335:  20th Century Chinese Artists and Architects
  • AST 337/ARTH 337:  Landscape Art of Eastern Asia

A cross-listing between AST and  ANTH 344:  Anthropology of Clothing  was not approved.

The following courses were approved as Culminating Undergraduate Experience courses.  This distinction will not be noted in the undergraduate catalog until Ay 2013-14.

  • ANTH 508:  History of Anthropology
  • LALS 490:  Senior Seminar in Latin American and Latino Studies
  • PHIL 592:  Capstone Seminar
  • POLS 495:  Senior Seminar
  • SOC 401:  Internship in Sociology
  • SOC 496:  Topical Seminar
  • SOC 499:  Senior Honors Thesis
  • SOC 550:  Voluntarism
  • WGST 500:  Senior Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies

In response to a question from Ms. Rohmann on behalf of the Advising Center, it was clarified that courses in the major cannot overlap with college programmatic requirements  in the BA in Latin American and Latino Studies and the BA in Asian Studies.