Minutes 12/7/11

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
December 7, 2011

Members present: R. Carini, G. Leichty, J. Li, S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Williams

Members absent: A. Mehta (A&S Student Council)

Guests: T. Berbet (FA), D. Brown (PHYS), Y-K Chan (FA), R. Fell (BIOL), P. Gagne (SOC), W. Hoston (PHYS), B. MacCall (PHYS), C. Rich (CHEM), T. Riedel (MATH), J. Steffen (BIOL), T. Tretter (CEHD), J. Weber (SOC)

The minutes of the meeting of November 30 were approved as distributed.

The committee approved a revision to the requirements for  admission and continuation in the BFA degree program, specifying that students must have an overall 3.0 gpa in department courses (both studio art and art history) for admission to the program, and that following admission to the program, students must maintain an overall gpa of 2.25 or above and a 3.0 gpa or above in department courses to remain in the program.  Students who fall below these requirements will be given one semester on probation in the major.  If unable to meet the gpa requirements in that time frame, students will be given the option to return to  the BA in Studio Art. 

The committee approved  a change to the Ph.D. requirements in Sociology, specifying that comprehensive examinations should be completed prior to the internship. 

An applied track in the B.S. in Physics was approved. 

Changes were approved to minor in Social Change, contingent upon final approval of the three courses designated PEAC.  PEAC 325, 350, and 550 will be permitted as electives in the Social Change minor, with the stipulation that a student may count no more than six hours of courses in the PEAC certificate toward the minor in Social Change.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2012:

ART 102:  Fundamentals of Digital Art  (new course;  does not count toward a major or minor in Art)

  • SOC 360:  Experience of Health and Illness (new course)
  • SOC 440:  The Health Care System (new course)
  • SOC 618:  Qualitative Methods (removal of cross-list with ELFH 704)
  • SOC 700:  Dissertation Research (change to number and prerequisite)
  • SOC 701:  Ph.D. Internship (change to number and prerequisite)
  • SOC 706: Doctoral Exam Preparation (new course)
  • SOC 707:  Internship Preparation (new course)


  • BIOL 430:  Undergraduate Teaching Assistantship in Biology (new course)
  • CHEM 430:  Practicum in Chemistry Education (title/description/and credit hour change)
  • GEOS 430:  Practicum in Mathematics Education (new course)
  • PHYS 430:  Practicum in Physics Education (new course)
  • [The courses in CHEM, GEOS, and PHYS may be repeated up to three hours of total credit.]


  • PHYS 350:  Differential Equations for Physical Sciences (new course)
  • PHYS 469:  Synoptic Meteorology (new course)


  • ANTH 622:  Anthropology of Violence (new course)


  • Courses for Study Abroad work:  ML 200 and 300; JAPN 200 and 300; CHNS 200 and 300; ARAB 200 and 300; RUSS 200 and 300; GERM 200 and 300.


  • BIOL 257:  Intro to Microbiology (prerequisite change)
  • BIOL 348:  Developmental Biology (title/description change)
  • BIOL 359:  Microbial Genetics (new course; WR credit)
  • BIOL 395:  Basic Pharmacology (description/prerequisite change;  deletion of cross-list with NURS 395)
  • BIOL 440:  Global Change Ecology (description change)
  • BIOL 541:  Medicinal Plant Biochemistry (new course; WR credit)
  • BIOL 641:  Advanced Medicinal Plant Biochemistry (new course)