Minutes 11/30/11

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
November 30, 2011

Members present:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, J. Li, R. Roebuck (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Williams

Members absent:  A. Mehta (A&S Student Council), S. Rabin

Guests:  T. Adams (PAS), A. Harris (PAS), A. Turley (PAS), R. Vandenbroucke

The minutes of the meeting of November 9 were corrected to reflect that the current policy on acceptance of transfer credit for alternative learning requires completion of 24, not 30, credit hours at the sending institution.

The minutes of the meeting of November 16 were approved as distributed.

The committee approved  the following policy for credit earned by alternative learning:

“When a transcript from an accredited institution records credit granted for ‘non-traditional’ educational  experiences (including but not limited to credit by exam, correspondence work, dual  credit high school work, portfolio work), the credit will generally  be accepted in transfer regardless of the hours of credit the student earned at the transferring institution(s). No limit is placed on the number of hours student can earn from prior learning assessment.  Prior learning assessment includes, but is not limited to, credit by exam, correspondence work, dual credit high school work, portfolio work.  The academic unit will decide how and whether the credit applies to graduation, unit, program and residency requirements.”

This removes the current policy’s restrictions that students must have earned 24 hours at the sending institution before credit for non-traditional learning will be accepted in transfer and  that no more than 24 credit hours of such work will be accepted in transfer.

Further discussion of the proposal for GEN 205:  Collegiate Success was deferred for consultation with the Admissions and Appeals Committee and additional information on the number of students who are now suspended/readmitted each semester.

A proposal for a graduate certificate in Black Heritage Studies was approved.  The following courses were also approved:

  • PAS 345/ANTH 342:  Museums, Culture and Nationhood (approval of cross-list)
  • PAS 617:  African American Public History (new course)
  • PAS 622:  Pan African Social Thought II (new course)
  • PAS 623:  Qualitative Research (new course)
  • PAS 624:  Quantitative Research (new course)
  • PAS 308/ARTH 349:  Contemporary Trends in African American Art (new course; WR credit)
    [This course will also be forwarded to the General Education Course Committee for review for CD1 credit, with the understanding that GenEd credit is not expected to be effective until Fall 2013.]
  • PAS 509/ARTH 549:  Contemporary African American Art (new course)
  • PAS 527/627:  Underground Railroad (new course)
  • PAS 539/639:  Public History (new course)
  • PAS 548/648:  Black Museums (new course)
  • PAS 549/649:  African Americans in Louisville (new course)

A proposal for an undergraduate certificate in Peace Studies was approved, with minor modifications.  Specifically a 2.0, rather than a 2.5, will be the required gpa for successful completion of the certificate and the rubric for courses will be PEAC, rather than PJCT.  Two courses in Peace Studies were approved:

  • PEAC 325:  Peace, Justice and Conflict (new course)
  • PEAC 550:  Service Learning in Peacebuilding (new course)
  • Action was deferred on PEAC 350: Basic Mediation for additional information.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2012:

  • COMM 320:  Newswriting (prerequisite change)
  • COMM 323:  Magazine and Feature Writing (prerequisite change)
  • COMM 344:  Strategic Communication Writing (new course)
  • COMM 346:  Strategic Media Management (new course)
  • COMM 438:  Intimate Communication (new course)
  • COMM 445:  Strategic Communication Campaigns (new course)
  • COMM 345:  Advertising Copy Writing (delete)
  • COMM 348:  Public Relations Writing (delete)
  • COMM 424:  Advanced Public Relations (delete)
  • COMM 425:  Advanced Advertising (delete)
  • POLS 347:  Democratization (new course)
  • PHIL 312:  Symbolic Logic (title/description/number  change)