Minutes 09/14/11

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
September 14, 2011

Members present:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, J. Li, A. Mehta (A&S Student Council), S. Rabin, R. Roebuck (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Williams

Guests:  T. K’Meyer (HIST), T. Adams (A&S Advising)

Abhi Mehta, a Justice Administration major, was introduced as the representative from the A&S Student Council.

The minutes of the meeting of August 31 were approved as distributed.

A proposal from A&S Advising to increase the maximum course load for which students may enroll without permission from 17 to 18 credit hours was approved, to be effective Spring 2012.

The conditions under which a student may be exempt from GEN 101:  Arts and Sciences Campus Culture were revised, effective for students entering in Fall 2012.  Under the revised policy, students will be exempt from GEN 101 if they

  • transfer from another institution or from another unit (of UofL) with 24 or more credit hours;
  • transfer from another institution with an acceptable substitute for GEN 101;
  • transfer from another unit (of UofL) having successfully completed an appropriate substitute for GEN 101;
  • are post-baccalaureate, second-degree, or visiting students.

Changes were approved to the requirements for the major in History (both concentrations), effective Fall 2012.  The requirement of 3 hours in the European Ancient-Medieval Period will be replaced with a requirement for 3 hours in a new area designated “Pre-Modern World.”    The “Modern Period” area will be deleted and replaced with a requirement of 3 hours in a revised listing of courses under “European Area.”  The total number of hours required in the major will not change.  These changes do not affect the requirements for the minor in History.

A request to remove the CD1 designation from HIST 357: Middle Eastern History, 1453-Present;  HIST 377: The Ottoman Empire to 1800; and HIST 378: The Ottoman Empire and Modern Turkey from 1800 was approved and will be forwarded to the General Education Course Committee.

HIST 397:  History of Traditional China (new course) was approved, effective Summer 2012.
HIST  697:  Introduction to Public History (new course) was approved, effective Summer 2012.
HIST 608:  Public History Practicum and HIST 697: Introduction to Public History were approved as requirements for students taking a major or minor concentration in public history in the MA degree.