A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes November 17, 2010

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 17, 2010

Members present:   R. Carini, G. Leichty,  A. Miller, M. Rohmann, K. Schuler (A&S Student Council), R. Taylor, B. Williams (Chair)

Members absent:  S. Rabin, B. Willey

Guests:  R. Buchanan (CML), N. Burton (TA),  J. Dietrich (Dean’s Office), G. Hutcheson (CML), R. Roebuck (CML), N. Theriot (WGST)

The minutes of the meeting of November 3 were approved as distributed.

Professor Theriot and the committee discussed the i2a initiative in the college.  Professor Theriot, a member of the University i2a committee,  agreed to draft a proposal for guidelines for CUE courses for the committee’s review.  These guidelines, as well as a statement of regarding critical thinking for the guidance of departments in selecting the courses in the major through which they would  demonstrate how each major fosters critical thinking, would be taken to the Faculty Assembly for final adoption.  It was the expectation of the committee that CUE courses would, like WR courses, be reviewed and approved by the Curriculum Committee, but that the other level of critical thinking courses would be designated by the departments and not require committee review.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2011.

  • Request for a rubric for Japanese Studies.
  • ML 310/JPST 310:  Japanese Culture Through Film (new course)
  •  TA 532:  Advanced Directing the Black Experience (new course)
  • TA 547:  Advanced Black Aesthetic on Stage (new course)
  • TA 563:  Advanced African American Women in Theatre (new course)
  • TA 565:  Advanced Theatre of the African World (new course)
  • TA 566:  Advanced History of African American Theatre (new course)
  • TA 567:  Advanced Black Dramatic Literature (new course)
  • ML 260:  Hispanic Contributions to the World (title/description change)
  • ML 261:  Cultures of Spain (new course; also proposed for General Education H and CD1 credit)
  • ML 356:  Masterpieces of Latin American Literature (new course; also proposed for General Education CD1 credit)
  • ML 357:  Latin American Literature Today (delete)
  • ML 358: Mexican Literature Today (delete)
  • SPAN 320:  Spanish Conversation in the Community (new course)
  • SPAN 324:  Spanish for Heritage Speakers (new course)
  • SPAN 590:  Senior Capstone Project (course number/description/credit hour change; also approved for WR credit)
  • SPAN 624:  Studies in Hispanic Linguistics (title change)


  • PSYC 407:  Community Internship in Psychology (new course; approved pending clarification of prerequisites)
  • PSYC 451:  Introduction to Computer Programming for Psychology (new course)


  • ANTH 373:  Methods in Biological Anthropology (description and level change (to 510); approved pending clarification of graduate  course status)


  • ART 506:  Advanced Drawing Concepts (title change)
  • ART 552:  Color Imaging (description change)

Action was deferred on ART 570 until a departmental representative could be present.
Action was deferred on AIRS 110 and 210 until a departmental representative could be present.
Action was deferred on ARAB 321 for syllabus revisions.

Changes were approved to the minor in MEIS:  The Arabic language requirement can be fulfilled by a course at the 200 level or above.

Changes were approved to the Latin American and Latino Studies minors with the addition of more courses in the various requirement areas.

Changes were approved to the major in Anthropology.

Changes were approved to the major in Spanish.