A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes December 1, 2010

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 1, 2010



Members present:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, A. Miller, S. Rabin, M. Rohmann, K. Schuler (A&S Student Council), R. Taylor, B. Willey, B. Williams (Chair)

Guests:  A. Cox (A&S Student Council), C. Ehrich (History), L. Freisen (FA), K. Frizzell (SGA), J. Sawyer (Admissions)

The minutes of the meeting of November 17 were approved as distributed.

The following course/program actions were approved, effective Summer 2011.

  • ART 570:  Design for Public Issues (new course) will replace 3 hours of elective credit in the BFA.
  • ART 569:  Computer Applications in Interior Design (title and description change)
  • HIST 605:  Research Methods (new course) will be required in the MA and will increase by 1 hour the number of hours required in the degree.
  • BIOL 304:  Plant Taxonomy and Ecology (new course; WR credit, with note to department that syllabus should reflect WR under course objectives)
  • BIOL 548/648:  Experimental Design and Analysis (new courses; WR credit for 548, with note to department that syllabus must reflect difference in work required for graduate/undergraduate credit in 548)
  • ANTH 310/PAS 368:  Race, Culture and Identify (reinstatement of a deleted course with department statement that it will be taught more regularly)

The addition  of course options in the performance core (TA 533) and the African American Theatre core (TA 323) in the  BS in Theatre Arts was approved.

The committee and guests discussed the SGA proposal to award 4.3 grade points for the grade  A+ , while retaining 4.0 as the highest  cumulative gpa.   The committee will take the proposal to the A&S Assembly with a recommendation not to approve as proposed.  The committee indicated that it would support a recommendation for the change  if it also encompassed the change to 4.3 as the maximum cumulative gpa.

The committee discussed a “Fresh Start” proposal which would allow a student who re-enrolls in the university after an absence from higher education  of two or more years  to request a recalculation of the cumulative grade point average and hour earned during the period of previous residency.  The committee will recommend approval of the policy  to the Faculty Assembly.  The current bankruptcy policy would also continue in effect.

The committee discussed a proposal for a revised policy on credit for prior learning.  While supportive of the majority of the proposal, they wished to see the removal of the category of “experiential learning” as an area for which credit would be transferred without examination.