Curriculum Committee Minutes Oct 30 2009

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 30, 2009

Members present:  B. Bradley (Chair), J. Burnet, G. Leichty, K. Libe (A&S Student Council), A. Miller, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Willey, B. Williams

Guests:  T. Adams (PAS), D. Brown (PHYS), D. Martin (PAS), M. Nantz (CHEM), W. Pfeffer (CML), N. Polzer (HUM)

The minutes of the meeting of October 16 were approved as distributed, with the clarification that the requirements for admission to the major in Biology apply to students new to the University in Fall 2010.

All actions are effective summer 2010 unless otherwise specified.

The use of a locally developed qualifying exam for the Ph.D. program in Physics (replacing use of the GRE Advanced subject test) was approved.

An early start option was approved for the Physics BA with the MAT program.  Students will be permitted to apply 9 credit hours of graduate work in Education toward both a B.A. in Physics and an MAT.  These 9 hours will replace 5 hours of Chemistry and 4 hours of electives required in the regular BA degree. 

The committee approved the removal of recitation sections from CHEM 341 and 342:  Organic Chemistry I and II.  Credit hours for the courses did not change as they have the minimum contact hours required for a 3-credit course without the recitation contact time.  This change will be implemented in Spring 2010.

Changes were approved to the minor in Religious Studies.  Required hours in the minor were increased from 18 to 21 and the distribution of required course areas was changed.

Changes were approved to the MA in French.

The following course actions were approved. [General Education credit must also be approved by the university-wide General Education Course Committee.]

  • FREN 315:  Etymoligie francaise (new course)
  • HUM 217:  Introduction to Indigenous Religions (new course; GER: H and CD1)
  • HUM 218:  Introduction to Eastern Religions (new course; GER: H and CD2)
  • PAS 347:  Language and Protest (delete)
  • PAS 247:  Language, Protest, and Conflict in the Global Community (new course; GER CD1)

        (This course may be used as a repeat option for PAS 347.)

  • PAS 206:  Introduction to Caribbean Studies (GER:  CD2)
  • PAS 346:  African Language in the Diaspora (GER:  CD2)
  • MATH 501 and MATH 502:  Introduction to Analysis I and II (description changes)