Curriculum Committee Minutes Dec 4 2009

Minutes of the December 4, 2009 meeting of the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee.

Members present:  B. Bradley (Chair), G. Leichty, K. Libe (A&S Student  Council),  M. Rohmann,  R. Taylor, B. Willey, B. Williams

Members absent:  J. Burnet

The minutes of the meeting of November 13 were corrected to reflect that the minutes of November 6 (not October 6) had been approved at that meeting.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2010.

WGST 323/POLS 323:  Queer Politics (new course)
WGST 523:  Gender and Popular Music (new course; WR credit)
POLS 520:  Coping with Conflict (new course)
ART 501:  Advanced Painting (title/description change)
ART 502:  Directed Study in Painting (title/description change)
ART 503:  Art Workshop (title/description/credit hour change)
ART 504:  Directed Study in Painting (new course)
SCHG 305:  Hip Hop and Social Movements (new course; WR credit)
GEOG 308:  Geography of China (new course; add to Asian Studies minor))
GEOG 500:  Globalization Seminar (new course)
PAS 410/WGST 410:  Black Feminism  in Action (new course)
PAS 344/WGST 344:  Black Lesbian Lives (new course for PAS; addition of cross-list for WGST0
PAS 361/ANTH 343:  Folklore of the African Diaspora (new course for PAS; addition of cross-list for ANTH)
PAS 412:  Underground Railroad and American Memory (new course)
PAS 613:  Black Political Economy (new course)
SPAN 491:  Undergraduate Research (new course; WR credit)
SPAN 611:  Teaching and Research Methods in Spanish (title/description change; removal of cross-list with FREN 611)
FREN 611:  Teaching and Research Methods in French (removal of cross-list with SPAN 611)