Curriculum Committee Minutes Dec 11 2009

Minutes of the December 11, 2009 meeting of the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

Members present:  B. Bradley (Chair); J. Burnet, G. Leichty, A. Miller, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Willey,
B. Williams

Members absent:  K. Libe (A&S Student Council)

Guests:  S. Jarosi (FA),  D. Keeling (JA); C. Leuthart (Geog/Geos), M. Leonard (Psyc),  A. Mastri (CML),  W. Pfeffer (CML), C. Sullivan (CML)

A proposal for a graduate certificate in Translation Studies (English-Spanish, Spanish-English) was approved.  Current plans call for the program to begin in Fall 2011. A new course rubric, Translation Studies (TRAN), was approved as part of the program, as were the following course actions:

  • SPAN 638:  Translation Theory and Practice (number change and cross-list with TRAN 661)
  • SPAN 662/TRAN 662:  Translation Workshop (new course)
  • SPAN 663/TRAN 663:  Commercial and Legal Translation (new course)
  • SPAN 664/TRAN 664:  Literary and Cultural Translation (new course)
  • SPAN 665/TRAN 665:  Scientific, Technical, and Medical Translation (new course)
  • SPAN 667/TRAN 667:  Computers in Translation (new course)
  • SPAN 668/TRAN 668:  Translation Project Management (new course)
  • SPAN 669/TRAN 669:  Final Translation Project (new course)

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2010:

  • PSYC 408:  International Service Learning and Research (new course)
  • GEOG 357:  Introduction to GIS (change to GEOG 558) [Note:  GEOG 558 may be used as a repeat of GEOG 357]
  • GEOG 557:  Advanced GIS (change to GEOG 559)
  • JA 160:  Technology Forensics:  Core Hardware (new course)
  • JA 161:  Technology Forensics:  Operating Systems (new course)
  • JA 162:  Technology Forensics:  Network (new course)
  • JA 365:  Introduction to Internet/Network Investigation (new course)
  • JA 445:  Computer and Electronic Crime (new course)
  •     A change to P/F grading was approved for ARTH 645, 646, 743, 744, and 745.
  • CHEM 677:  Mechanisms and Theory in Organic Chemistry (new course)
  • SOC 700:  Dissertation Research (new course)
  • SOC 701:  Ph.D. Internship (new course)
  • SOC 702:  Ph.D. Independent Study (new course)

Final action was deferred on the following courses:

  • MILS 321:  Modern Army Combatives , for consultation with the department regarding the appropriate level.
  • GEOG 529:  Geography of Urban Issues,   for a revised syllabus showing the additional work required for graduate credit.
  • SOC 620;  Seminar in Theory, for a sample syllabus.
  • SOC  704:  Proseminar in Sociology, for a sample syllabus.

At the recommendations of the departments, credit by exam was granted for

  • CLEP Humanities
  • CLEP American Literature
  • CLEP English Literature
  • DSST Art of the Western World
  • DSST Introduction to Law Enforcement
  • DSST Criminal Justice
  • IB History

At the recommendation of the department, credit by exam was rescinded  for

  • CLEP Western Civilization I and II
  • CLEP History of the United States I and II

The following examinations were reviewed by the departments and credit was not recommended:

  • CLEP English Composition with Essay
  • CLEP Freshman College Composition
  • CLEP Social Sciences and History
  • CLEP College Mathematics
  • DSST Technical Writing
  • DSST Fundamentals of College Algebra
  • DSST Statistics
  • DSST Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
  • DSST Civil War and Reconstruction
  • DSST History of the Vietnam War
  • DSST Western Europe Since 1945
  • DSST Introduction to the Modern Middle East