A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes March 2, 2010

Minutes of the College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Meeting of March 2, 2010

Members present:   B. Bradley (Chair), C. Graudick (A&S Student Council), G. Leichty, A. Miller,  M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Willey, B. Williams

Members absent:  J. Burnet

Guests:  C. Grapperhaus (CHEM), N. Theriot (WGST)

The minutes of December 4, 2009, were corrected to indicate that Professor Miller was in attendance.  Typographical errors in the minutes of December 11, 2009, were corrected.  With those corrections, the minutes were approved as distributed.

Cody Graudick was introduced as the student representative from the A&S Student Council.

The proposal for the accelerated BA/MA in Women’s and Gender Studies was approved.

A non-thesis  M.A. option  in Chemistry was approved, to be used as a terminal degree.   Two additional courses were added to the present requirements for the M.A. 

The following courses were approved, effective Summer 2011:
    GEOG 529:  Geography of Urban Issues
    AIRS 210:  Independent Study
    AIRS 454:  Leadership Laboratory

Action on HIST 304 was deferred until a departmental representative could  be present.

The addition of ANTH 317:  Anthropology of China and SOC 520:  Sociology of South Asia were approved as Social Science electives in the Asian Studies minor.   A former request that ANTH 361 be included in the minor was withdrawn.