A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Jan 22 2009

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee


January 22, 2009



Members present:  B. Bradley, J. Burnet, C. Hanchette (Chair), N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Willey


Members absent:  A. Miller


Guests:  S. Bourassa (UPA), M. Mauer (Chem), R. Vogel (Pols)



With a spelling correction, the minutes of the meeting of December 12 were approved as distributed.


The proposal for HIST 606: Introduction to Archives was withdrawn by the department.


The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2009:

            PLAN 636:  Site Planning  (new course)

            CHEM 648:  Systems Biochemistry (new course)

            CHEM 545:  Biochemistry I (description change and removal of graduate credit)

            CHEM 546:  Biochemistry Laboratory (prerequisite change)

            CHEM 547:  Biochemistry II (description change and removal of graduate credit)

            CHEM 645:  Advanced Biochemistry I (description and prerequisite change)

            CHEM 647:  Advanced Biochemistry II (description change)


Changes to the M.A. in Anthropology were approved which would remove ANTH 607 from the courses required for the degree.  This change would reduce to 9 the hours required in core seminars and increase to 15 the topical electives in the program. 


The remainder of the meeting was devoted to a discussion of the proposal for the policy on conflict of interest in selection of instructional materials.