A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Dec 5 2008

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 5, 2008


Members present: B. Bradley, J. Burnet, C. Hanchette (Chair), N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, B. Willey


Members absent: A. Miller, R. Smith (A&S Student Council)


Guests: J. Grubola (FA), S. Jarosi (FA), A. Futrell (COMM)


The minutes of the meeting of November 21 were corrected to reflect that M. Rohmann had been absent and that the number change was to GERM 221, not GERM 201. With these corrections, the minutes were approved as distributed.

HIST 609 and 697 were withdrawn at the request of the department.

A change was approved to the degree requirements for the BA in Art: Six hours of Art electives at the 500 level were added and the minimum (free) electives were reduced from 14 to 8 hours.

The following course actions were approved, pending receipt of corrected CIF forms.

ART 361: Drafting for Designers (title change)

ART 561: Interior Architecture Design Process (title change)

ART 562: Interior Architecture Spatial Concepts (title change)

ART 563: Interior Architecture Hospitality Projects (title change)

ART 564: Interior Architecture Institutional Projects (title change)

ART 567: Textiles and Finishes for Interior Design (title change)

ART 583: Papermaking (description change and addition of graduate credit)

ARTH 321: Art 1900-1945 (new course)

ARTH 325: Art Since 1945 (new course)

ARTH 326: International Trends in Contemporary Art (new course)

ARTH 392: 20 th Century Art (number change to ARTH 320)

ARTH 526: Studies in Contemporary Art (new course)

ARTH 626: Topics in Contemporary Art (new course)

ARTH 591: Studies in Modern Art (number change to ARTH 521)

ARTH 691: Topics in Modern Art (number change to ARTH 621)

ARTH 320, 321, 325, 326, 521, and 526 will be options under the Modern period in the B.A. in Art History.

COMM 250: Computer Communication was deleted. It will be replaced in the core courses of the B.A. and B.S. in Communication with a new course, COMM 303: Introduction to Communication and Technology.

The current requirement of 18 elective hours in Communication (for both B.A. and B.S.) was changed from 12 hours at the 300-level and 6 hours at the 400-level to 9 hours at the 300-level, 6 hours at the 400-level and 3 hours at any level.

COMM 255: Communication Practice (new course) was approved.

Prerequisite changes were approved to COMM 360 and 370.