A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Dec 5 2007

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

December 5, 2007


Members present: B. Bradley, J. Burnet, K. Chandler, P. Eason (Chair), C. Hanchette, N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, J. Wallin (A&S Student Council)


Guests: T. Adams (PAS), R. Jones (PAS)



A teaching improvement grant proposal for the support of HON 436/ENGL 402 for spring 08 was approved.


Course action proposals from the Department of Military Science (CC #137-146) were withdrawn from the agenda at the request of the department.


Changes were approved to the minor in Social Change.


The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2008. [Graduate courses must also be reviewed in the Graduate School.]


MATH 507: Fourier Series (description/prerequisite change)

MATH 535: Modeling I (description/prerequisite change)

MATH 536: Modeling II (description change)

MATH 568: Mathematical Models in Molecular Biology (new course)

MATH 635: Mathematical Modeling I (description change)

MATH 636: Mathematical Modeling II (description change)


BIOL 392: Microbes in Ecology and Evolution (new course; upper-level WR credit)

BIOL 673: Experimental Design and Analysis (new course)


Action was deferred on BIOL 486, pending receipt of additional information.


ARAB 201: Intermediate Arabic I (new course)

ARAB 202: Intermediate Arabic II (new course)


COMM 324/WGST 324: Communication and Gender (new course)

COMM 530: Science Communication (new course) [approval contingent on receipt of syllabus reflecting difference in work required for graduate and undergraduate credit]


PSYC 202: Orientation to the Psychology Major (new course; counts as hours in Psychology, but not specifically required of majors)


SCHG 329: Social Institutions and Social Change (delete)

SCHG 455: Persuasive Movements (delete)

SCHG 538: Critical Social Theory (new course as SCHG; cross-listed with

existing PHIL 538)


PAS 305: Legal Lynchings (new course)

PAS 314: Black Psychology (new course)

PAS 333: Black Student Experience (new course)

PAS 348: Africana Aesthetics (new course)

PAS 349/HUM 349: African Americans and Islam (new course)

PAS 351: African Religion (new course)

PAS 369: Music and the Black Arts Movement (new course)

PAS 370: Hip-Hop Culture (new course)

PAS 371: Music of the Global Black Revolt (new course)

PAS 372: Black Music and the Identity in the 1960s (new course)

PAS 373: Rhythm and Blues Revolution (new course)

PAS 374: Black Power Movement (new course)

PAS 387: Health Issues in the African American Community (new course)

PAS 521: Religions of the African Diaspora (new course)

PAS 621: Religions of the African Diaspora (new course)