A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Sept 18 2007

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 18, 2007

Members present: B. Bradley, J. Burnet, K. Chandler, P. Eason (Chair), C. Hanchette, N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Guests: J. Begley (FA), S. Bourassa (UPA), S. Koven (UPA), W. Thompson (COMM)

The minutes of the meeting of September 4 were approved as distributed.

Professor Thompson presented a proposal for an instructional development grant to the committee. The committee recommended funding the proposal.

Discussion of the proposed dual MPA/MA in Public Administration and Fine Arts (curatorial program) continued. The committee approved the proposal, contingent upon minor revisions.

The committee had questions about the proposed courses in Women’s and Gender Studies and deferred action until a departmental representative could be present.

The changes proposed to PADM 649 seemed significant enough to warrant a new course number and the department will be asked to propose that rather than a title/description change only.