A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Sept 4 2007

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 4, 2007


Members present: B. Bradley, J. Burnet, K. Chandler, P. Eason (Chair), C. Hanchette, N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Guests: R. Buchanan, J. Dietrich, S. Koven (UPA), M. Noble (CHEM)


The minutes of the meeting of April 20, 2007, were approved as distributed.

Associate Dean Dietrich reported to the committee on the results from the most recent Deyta survey of students.

Professor Koven presented the proposal for the dual MA/MPA degree in Art History (Critical and Curatorial Studies) and Public Administration. The committee requested additional information regarding advising, sequencing of courses between the two areas, composition of thesis committees, and availability of sites for student placement for the project/internship that was joined with the thesis. A decision on the proposal was deferred until there could be discussion of these and other questions with a representative of the Fine Arts Department and Professor Koven at a subsequent meeting.

Professor Noble discussed the proposal from the Department of Chemistry to remove the 3 hour requirement in statistics or logic from its BA and BS degrees. The proposal was approved; however, Professor Noble is to confirm with Ms. Rohmann and Dr. Taylor where in the degree plan the 3 hours will be used. (It was noted that only one additional hour in the major was possible in the BA, given the College policy limiting BA degrees to a maximum of 40 hours in the major.)

A proposal to add HUM 315: Alternative Judaisms as in option in Area E of the minor in Religious Studies was approved.

Prerequisite changes were approved restricting enrollment in BIOL 260 and 261: Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II to majors in Nursing and Dental Hygiene. A change was approved to the description of BIOL 263: Environmental Biology, specifying that credit may not be earned for this course and for BIOL 363.

A decision was deferred on PSYC 631: Sensation and Perception until a representative of the department could be present. The committee wished to know more of the relation of this course to the present courses with the same title at the 300 and 500 level, as well as to see learning objectives in the syllabus, and to have more information about the student presentations and the readings to be assigned per class.