A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Oct 20 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 20, 2006


Members present: K. Chandler (Chair), P. Eason, C. Hanchette, S. Parkhurst, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Members absent: M. Flairty, N. Polzer

Guests: A. Futrell, S. Hanson, R. Kimball, M. Makris, W. Pfeffer, N. Potter, O. Wiggins


The minutes of the meeting of October 6, 2006, were approved as distributed.


Course actions are effective Summer 2007, unless otherwise noted. Graduate courses must also be approved by the Graduate School.

The following courses, which had not been taught in three or more years, were deleted from the inventory: COMM 114, 299, 329, 332, 333, 414, 462, 498; HIST 339, 365, 389, 392, 395, 505, 515, 552, 554, 607, 613, 652; ML 601; PARA 330, 335, 380; PSYC 325, 352, 357, 543; and TA 325, 581, 656, 670.

Prerequisite and credit hour changes were approved to MATH 693: Seminar in Teaching Mathematics.

COMM 328: Urban Communication (new course) was approved, pending the receipt of a revised course description.

COMM 345: Advertising Copywriting was approved for WR credit.

ARTH 743 and 744: Directed Readings for Comprehensive Examinations (new courses) were approved.

Action was deferred on ARTH 501: History and Issues in 20 th Century Graphic Design, pending receipt of a more detailed syllabus.

A new course rubric for Arabic (ARAB) was approved, and the following courses created under it: ARAB 121, 122, and 123: Basic Arabic I, II, and III.

The following were approved as new courses, with recommendations for minor changes to the syllabi:

  • LAT 551: Introduction to Medieval Latin
  • LAT 552: Readings in Medieval Latin
  • GR 551: Greek New Testament I
  • GR 552: Greek New Testament II
  • HEBR 301: Biblical Hebrew

The following new courses were approved for the proposed interdisciplinary M.A. in Bioethics. The courses will be forwarded to the Graduate School when revised syllabi are submitted:

  • PHIL 580/680 and BETH 680: Foundations of Bioethics
  • PHIL 581/681 and BETH 681: Current Controversies in Health Care Ethics
  • PHIL 582/682 and BETH 682: Gender, Race, and Culture in Health Care
  • PHIL 583/683 and BETH 683: Health Care, Justice, and Community