A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Sept 8 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 8, 2006

Members present: K. Chandler (Chair), P. Eason, C. Hanchette, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Members absent: S. Parkhurst, N. Polzer

Guests: J. Dietrich, W. Pfeffer, R.Vogel (POLS/UPA)


The minutes of the meeting of March 24, 2006, were approved as distributed.

Instructional improvement grants were made to the departments of History and Theatre Arts.

The following curricular actions were approved, effective Summer 2007 unless otherwise noted.

Deleted: PHIL 503: Philosophical Writing and Research (WR); PHIL 576: Philosophical Analysis; PHIL 633: William James; PHIL 674: Sartre; PHIL 681: Philosophies of Community

Prerequisite and description changes were approved to CHEM 470: Physical Chemistry Laboratory. CHEM 441 or 461 was made prerequisite rather than corequisite to the course. Prerequisite changes were approved to CHEM 527: Introduction to Separations and Spectroscopy. The new prerequisites are CHEM 210, 342, 344, and 470.

CHEM 209 and 210 were added to the Physical Science track in the minor in Chemistry, bringing the total number of hours required to 22.

The proposal for a joint JD/ Masters in Urban Planning was approved. Professor Vogel said that the proposal had been approved by the Law School and that it required no new resources.

Action on course requests from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences was deferred until a departmental representative could be present.