A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Jan 11 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

January 11, 2006

Members present: B. Beattie (Chair), K. Chandler, P. Eason, S. Parkhurst, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Members absent: A. Allen

Guests: J. Dietrich, R. Roebuck, W. Pfeffer


The minutes of the meeting of December 7, 2005, were approved as distributed.

The proposal to renumber FREN 121 and 122 was withdrawn at the request of the department. The proposal to renumber and retitle FREN 221 to FREN 123: Basic French III was approved, effective Summer 2006.

A title change to ANTH 410: Advanced Skeletal Forensics was approved, effective Summer 2006.

The committee discussed a revised proposal from the Ad hoc Committee on the Foreign Language Requirement. The proposal would add language proficiency to the degree requirements for B.S. and B.F.A. degrees (maximum 6-8 semester hours). The proposal was approved and will be forwarded to the A&S Assembly.