A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes, 09/07/05


September 7, 2005

Members present: A. Allen, B. Beattie (Chair), K. Chandler, P. Eason, S. Parkhurst, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Guests: R. Buchanan (LAS), T. Kracker (Admissions), S. Griffin (Engl), M. Stenger (Hum), B. Willey (Engl), E. Wise (Hum)

The minutes of the meeting of April 18, 2005, were approved as distributed.

The committee recommended funding for an instructional development grant from Professor Lin in the Department of English.

The language requirement for the minor in Latin American Studies was changed from 3 hours at the 300-level or above to 3 hours at the 200-level or above in Spanish or Portuguese, due to course number changes in those programs.

The committee approved the proposal of the Office of Transfer Admission to determine the general education content/competency areas of transfer courses at the lower division level from out of state institutions. The General Education Course Committee had previously approved the proposal and will provide training and guidelines for the Admission Office in the evaluation process. Annual reviews of the process will be submitted to the GECC and to the Curriculum Committee.

The Committee heard from representatives from the Department of English and the Division of Humanities regarding a proposal to remove the divisional requirement of 3 hours in HUM 591-596 from the requirements for the B.A. in English. The committee will return to discussion of this issue at its next meeting.