A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/15/04


November 15, 2004

Members Present: B. Beattie (Chair), A. Kolers, B. Li, A. Paez (A&S Student Council), S. Parkhurst, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson

Members Absent: A. Allen, R. Taylor

Guests: J. Dietrich, R. Fell (Biol), D. Owen (Phil), W. Pfeffer (CML)

The committee reviewed and recommended funding for instructional development proposals from the departments of biology and philosophy. A proposal from the Department of Chemistry was deferred; it will be reviewed should additional funding for the grants program become available.

The following courses were approved at the College level and forwarded to the General Education Course Committee. Approval is not final until they are acted upon by the GECC.

  • CHST 335: China Through Film (CD1)
  • CHST 351: Chinese Literature in Translation I (CD1)
  • CHST 352: Chinese Literature in Translation II (CD1)

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2005 unless otherwise noted. (Graduate courses must also be approved by the Graduate School.)

  • TA 345: Intro to Costume Design (title change)
  • TA 545: Topics in Costume Design (sub-title change)
  • TA 360: Classical to Medieval Theatre History (title change)
  • TA 361: Renaissance to Romantic Theatre History (title change)
  • TA 362: Modern and Contemporary Theatre History (new course)
  • TA 611: Theatre Pedagogy (new course)
  • TA 654: Community Service (new course)
  • TA 655: Tools for Global Theatre (new course)
  • PAS 618: Museums and Culture (new course)
  • PAS 545/WGST 545: Southern Women: Black and White (new course)
  • PAS 645/WGST 645: Southern Women: Black and White (new course)
  • PORT 175: Introduction to Portuguese Language (new course)
  • PORT 275: Elementary Portuguese (new course)
  • PORT 375: Advanced Intermediate Portuguese (new course)
  • HEBR 101: Elementary Hebrew I (new course)
  • HEBR 102: Elementary Hebrew II (new course)
  • HEBR 201: Intermediate Hebrew I (new course)
  • HEBR 202: Intermediate Hebrew II (new course)
  • HEBR 175: Traveling in Hebrew (new course; will not apply toward college language requirement)
  • SCHG 323: Modern American Social Movements (new course; cross-listed with HIST 323)
  • SCHG 329: Social Institutions and Social Change (new course; cross-listed with PHIL 329)
  • SCHG 453: Social Change (new course; cross-listed with SOC 453)
  • SCHG 455: Persuasive Movements (new course; cross-listed with COMM 455)
  • CHEM 430: Practicum in Chemistry (new course)
  • ANTH 383/HUM 383: The Mediterranean and Culture (new course)
  • BIOL 553/BIOL 643: Chronic Disease Biology/Advanced Chronic Disease Biology (new courses; approved pending receipt of a list of sample topics to be covered and a corrected grading scale)

The following changes to degree program requirements were approved.

Sociology B.A. and B.S.: Removal of requirement that 12 hours of electives in Sociology come from a restricted list. The revised requirement will be 9 hours of electives at the 300-level, 12 hours of electives at the 400-level, and 3 elective hours at any level in the department.

Theatre Arts B.S.: Hours required in the three areas of "Performance," "Production," and "African American Theatre" were reduced from 12 to 9 (in each area). The resulting 9 hours in the major were added to the category "Electives in Theatre Arts," bringing the total in that category to 18 hours.

Political Science B.S. with concentration in Law and Public Policy: Hours required in "Law and Jurisprudence" area changed from 12 to 9. Hours required in "Public Policy" area changed from 9 to 6, with the clarification that POLS 325 or 326 taken in the core departmental requirements may not double count in the public policy area. POLS 392 was deleted from the courses which may apply to the "Public Policy" area and POLS 405 was added to the courses which apply in this area. POLS 388 was added to the list of courses which apply to the "International/Comparative/Theory" area. The addition of POLS 405 and 388 will also apply to the concentration in Paralegal Studies.

Latin American Studies Minor: Change of designation from LTS to LAS, pending approval by Provost and Registrar. The committee recommended that special topics numbers not be added to the specific courses approved for various categories in the minor, but rather they should be handled by the director of the minor as exceptions (per an existing footnote in the catalog copy of the degree program). To the category of courses in Humanities or Modern Languages was added ML 160. To the list of approved History courses were added HIST 333/WGST 333 and HIST 535. HIST 334 was deleted from this area. A new category of approved Pan African Studies courses was created, to include PAS 360, 505, 532, 533, and 581 (cross-listed with ARTH 544). POLS 563/WGST 558 was added to the list of approved courses in Political Science. The following courses were specified under the heading "Elective with a substantial Latin American content": SPAN 403, 404, 524, 527, 528, 529, 530, and 554. It will be noted that students may choose one of these courses or may choose an additional course from the other disciplines involved in the minor.