A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 09/27/04


September 27, 2004

Members Present: B. Beattie (Chair), A. Kolers, B. Li, A. Paez (A&S Student Council), M. Rohmann, D. Swanson , R. Taylor

Members Absent: A. Allen, S. Parkhurst

Guests: S. Ryan (ENGL), W. Pfeffer (CML)

Professor Bingtuan Li (Math) and Ms. Alicia Paez (A& S Student Council) were welcomed to the committee.

The minutes of the meeting of September 13 were approved as distributed.

The proposal for the combined BA/MA in English was approved and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

The committee reviewed and recommended funding for a proposal for teaching improvement from the Department of Theatre Arts.

The following course actions were approved and will be effective Summer 2005 unless otherwise specified. (Graduate courses must also be approved by the Graduate School.)

  • PSYC 795: Clinical Internship (new course)
  • POLS 401: Topics in American Politics (new course)
  • POLS 402: Topics in Comparative Politics (new course)
  • POLS 404: Topics in Political Theory (new course)
  • POLS 405: Topics in Public Policy (new course)
  • POLS 406: Topics in International Relations (new course)

Description changes were approved for BIOL 242, 244, 261. Prerequisite changes were approved for BIOL 244, 257, 258, 357, 485, 506, 513, 514, 555, 567, 613, 614, 630, 655, and 667. (Changes to BIOL 242, 244, 257, and 258 will also be forwarded to the General Education Course Committee.)

At the request of Professor Pfeffer, the committee reviewed the guidelines for credit by extramural examination. Additional information was requested prior to any decision about changes in the guidelines.