A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 10/24/03


October 24, 2003

Members Present: A. Allen, B. Beattie (Chair), M. D'Silva, U. Darji, A. Kolers, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Guests: D. Gibson (CHEM), N. Theriot (WGST)

Course/program actions are effective Fall 2004 unless otherwise noted. Graduate courses and programs must also be reviewed and approved by the Graduate School.

CHEM 528 and 529 were changed from 2 to 3 semester credit hours.

Changes were approved to the BA, BS, and BS with Business Concentration degrees. The current requirement of CHEM 205-206 was changed to CHEM 207-210 (reflecting renumbering of courses in the department). Chemistry 320 was dropped from the requirements for all three programs. Electives in Chemistry and total hours in Chemistry were increased in the programs.

The proposal for a B.S. in Women's and Gender Studies was approved. Changes were also approved to the B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies.

The following course actions were approved:

  • WGST 522/622: The Body in Popular Media (new courses; 522 will carry WR credit)
  • PAS 620: Black Literature and Popular Culture (new course)
  • HUM 307: East Asian Cultures (the restriction that credit could not be earned for this course and HIST 396 was removed)