A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/14/02


November 14, 2002

Members Present: G. Barnes, A. Kolers, R. Luginbill, M. Rohmann (A&S; Advising Center), E. Segal (Chair), R. Taylor (ex-officio), W-B. Zeng

Members Absent: J. McLeod, B. Wright (A&S; Student Council)

The following course actions were approved effective Fall 2003, unless otherwise noted. (Graduate courses must also be approved by the Graduate School.)

TA 654:  Independent Study in Community Service-new course

PAS 642/ARTH 642:  African /American Art-new course

SPAN 422:  Intro to Hispanic Linguistics-change to 500-level
SPAN 423:  Advanced Communication Skills-change to 500-level
(It was noted that the department would need to update its major/minor 
programs to reflect this change.)

HIST 596:  History of the Future-approved for WR

MATH 349:  Statistics and Probability for Teachers-new course

COMM 406:  Ethical Problems in Communication-change to 500 level
COMM 413:  History of Mass Media-change to 500 level; approved for WR
(These courses were approved contingent on minor revisions to the syllabi, 
which were made.)

PORT 101:  Basic Portuguese I-new course
PORT 102:  Basic Portuguese II-new course
PORT 201:  Intermediate Portuguese I-new course
PORT 202:  Intermediate Portuguese II-new course

The committee noted that all language courses, including ASL, would apply to the Humanities area for division/out-of-division requirements. (ITP courses do not apply to this area, and will be used in A&S; degree plans as free electives.)