A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 09/10/02


September 10, 2002

Members Present: G. Barnes, A. Kolers, R. Luginbill, J. McLeod, M. Rohmann, E. Segal (Chair), R. Taylor

Members Absent: W-B. Zeng

Guests: J. Chalmers (PHYS), R. Kebric (HIST)

The minutes of the meetings of April 16 and August 20 were approved as distributed.

The following course and program actions were approved, effective Fall 2003 unless otherwise noted. Graduate courses and programs will be forwarded to the Graduate School for final action.

HIST 380: Hollywood and History (new course)
HIST 603: Thesis (changed to variable credit: 3-6)
ENGL 689: Directed Reading (new course)
ARTH 541: Modern Perspectives in the Visual Arts (description change and approval for A&S; upper-level WR)

An accelerated BA/MA in History was approved.
An accelerated BS/MS in Physics was approved. (This program is not open to students pursuing the BA in Physics.)

Changes to the Ph.D. in Rhetoric and Composition were approved.

A proposal by the Department of Classical and Modern Languages to allow 18 hours of credit via departmental testing in Spanish was approved. This credit is retroactive for students who took the departmental exam during Summer 2002.

Action was postponed on ART 101: Fundamentals of Drawing and Design until a departmental representative could be present.