A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/04/01


December 4, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

The minutes of November 27 and 29 were approved as distributed.

The committee set its Spring 2002 meetings for Tuesdays, 9:30-11:00.

The committee discussed concerns about the discontinuation of placement exams for new students and asked for additional information, particularly regarding math, to be made available to it at an early meeting in the spring semester.

The committee discussed the memo from Professor Elaine Wise regarding review of the General Education Course Committee. They thought that program assessment of the new general education program should be delayed until AY 02-03, but that review and reauthorization of the committee itself should occur in Spring 02.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 02.

ANTH 350: Pestilences and Plagues (new course)

ART 619: changed to ART 621
ART 633: changed to ART 631
ART 682: changed to ART 681
ART 615: Workshop in Drawing (new course)
ART 651: Workshop in Photography (new course)
ART 691: Workshop in Studio Art (new course)
ART 648: Curatorial Methods (new course)
ART 315: changed to Drawing and Composition
ART 531: changed to Advanced Ceramics

LING 302: Intro to Linguistics (changed to LING 325)
LING 632: Sociolinguistics (delete)
LING 600: Independent Study (description change)
LING 699: Thesis (delete)
FLE 521: Teaching Techniques in Foreign Languages (changed to LING 521; cross-listed with ML 521)
ML 521: Teaching Techniques in Foreign Languages (new course)
FLE 561: Independent Study (delete)
FLE 562: Independent Study (delete)
FLE 600: Summer Workshop for Foreign Language Teachers (change to LING 605; cross-list with ML 605)
ML 605: Summer Workshop for Foreign Language Teachers (new course)
FLE 620: Special Topics in Foreign Language Education (change to LING 620)
FLE 622: Psychology of Second Language Learning and Teaching (change to LING 622)
FLE 623: The Cultural Base of Foreign Language Teaching (change to LING 623)
FLE 624: The Teaching of English as a Second Language (change to LING 625; cross-list with ENGL 625)
ENGL 530: The Teaching of English as a Second Language (delete)

HUM 509: Interdisciplinary Approaches: Arts and Humanities (title change)
HUM 510: Interdisciplinary Approaches: Study of Religion title change and approaved for WR)
HUM 596: Selected Perspectives in Humanities (title change)
HUM 611: Topics in the Interpretation of Sacred Texts (new course)
HUM 612: Topics in Contemporary Religious Thought (new course)
HUM 613: Comparative Religions (new course)
HUM 614: Colloquium: Interreligious Dialogue (new course)
HUM 624: Special Topics in Film Study (new course)
HUM 601: American Thought and Culture (changed to HUM 637)
HUM 695: Seminar in Humanities (changed to HUM 635)
HUM 655: Directed Study Project (new course)

[Action was postponed on courses intended for the Ph.D. in Humanities until the full program proposal is received.]

PAS 686: Field Study (new course)

LBST 301: Life Experience (delete)

HIST 518: Antebellum United States (new course; WR credit)
HIST 519: Gilded Age (new course; WR credit)
HIST 517: The New Nation (delete)
HIST 523: Age of Jackson (delete)
HIST 525: United State During the Late 19th Century (delete)
HIST 527: Recent American History, 1900-1929 (delete)

The committee discussed the proposal from Liberal Studies to raise the GPA requirement for entrance into the program to 2.75 (from 2.5). There were a number of questions about this, and action was deferred until the Liberal Studies director could meet with the committee.

Changes were approved to the major and minor in Humanities.