A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/15/01


November 15, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

Guests: R. Fell (BIOL)

The minutes of the meetings of November 6 and November 13 were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2002. General Education proposals must also be approved by the General Education Course Committee and graduate courses must be approved by the Graduate School.

SOC 430/ART 430: Visual Sociology (deleted): to be replaced by SOC 530.

BIOL 257: Introduction to Microbiology (new course; GE-S; will not count toward major in Biology)
BIOL 260: Human Anatomy and Physiology I (new course)
BIOL 261: Human Anatomy and Physiology II (new course)
BIOL 262: Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab (new course)
BIOL 305: Invertebrate Zoology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 310: Animal Behavior (prerequisite change)
BIOL 348: Animal Development-WR (title/description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 355: Bacteriology (change to BIOL 485/change description/prerequisite
BIOL 357: General Microbiology (title/description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 404: Undergraduate Research (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 406: Undergraduate Research-WR (description change)
BIOL 416: Biotechnology Methods (prerequisite change)
BIOL 440: Global Change Ecology (new course)
BIOL 501: Independent Study (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 504: Independent Study-WR (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 510: Behavioral Ecology (new course)
BIOL 523: Plant Physiology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 530: Developmental Neurobiology (new course)
BIOL 555: Microbial Ecology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 655: Advanced Microbial Ecology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 557: Industrial and Food Microbiology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 657: Advanced Industrial and Food Microbiology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 568: Conservation Biology (prerequisite change)
BIOL 575: Molecular Evolution (new course)
BIOL 675: Advanced Molecular Evolution (new course)
BIOL 591: Biology for Teachers I (description change)
BIOL 592: Biology for Teachers II (description change)

HIST 356: Middle Eastern History, 600-1453 (title/description change)

MATH 205: Calculus I (description change: 50-minute lab removed)
MATH 206: Calculus II (description change: 50-minute lab removed)
MATH 550: Advanced Euclidean Geometry (prerequisite change)
MATH 551: Geometry (prerequisite change)

COMM 605: Communication Theory and Practice (new course)
Action was deferred on COMM 540: Public Communication Campaigns at the request of the department chair.

Action was deferred on courses from Geography and Geosciences, Philosophy, Political Science, and Classical and Modern Languages until departmental representatives could be present for discussion.